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Hazel Wong

Hazel Wong began her professional career in 2003, when a school principal asked her to conceptualise and design a marine mural that involves the teaching of 400 10-year old children to create. Since then, one mural lead to another, and to date, she has delivered more than 50 ceramic murals.

Her unique nature-themed murals are hand-sculpted and some relief sculptural works takes the size of 30 - 40cm, weighting some 8 - 10 kgs per piece.

Her work quickly gained exposure through recommendation and publicity and in 2010, HDB commissioned a near 5000-piece mosaic mural to be co-created with 4900 HDB staff in commemoration of HDB's 50th anniversary celebration. 

In recent years, her work has gained a more expressive quality through the use of high relief and a unique tessellated patterning.

Her latest work for Pioneer Polyclinic is a testimony to this new style of work.

Her school-based ceramic programmes are developmentally appropriate and often integrates thinking and innovation development elements.


incorporated in 2003, starting with just one kiln. Today we have more than 10 kilns and a dedicated ceramic studio to turn around the production of a large-scale mural.

The latest mural, was commissioned by Pioneer Polyclinic, involves the conceptualisation, teaching and installation of a 500-piece tessellated mural at the Polyclinic's premises.

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