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  • What is the minimum budget for a ceramic mural wall?
    An impressive mural needs a minimum size to make the impact. The cost of mural is dependent on type of mural, size of the tiles, level of relief, level of details, overall size and location of the installation. As a general guideline, a minimum of $15 000 is required for a simple 3 - 4 metre square fully-tiled mural. A good sized mural is between $40 - 50k. Some of our largest murals are $100k onwards.
  • How long is the lead time for the creation and installation of the mural?
    A mural can take 8 weeks to 12 months to conceptualise, create (or co-create), fire and install.
  • Do you offer a warranty for the works?
    We offer a minimum of 3 years for installation integrity and 15 year colour fastness of the tile.
  • What is the biggest mural you have created?
    Our HDB mural at Toa Payoh Hub created in 2010 currently holds the Singapore Book of Record for the biggest community participation mural at 4900 participants to co-create a mural.
  • How is your expertise critical for the success of the project?
    A smooth delivery of the project rest on having the experience to plan and execute a successful mural making experience for participants. Techical and design skills specific to mural making are important to ensure timely and problem-free delivery of the porject.
  • Are firing facilities important to the turn around of the project?
    Absolutely. We have a dedicated 2000 sq feet studio, with custom equipment and working spaces to fabricate the mural. 3 large kilns are available to turn around the tiles in the shortest time. Our studio partners also offers additional firing capacity.
  • Can the studio offer custom glaze colours and specific finish?
    Yes. Glaze making is an integral part of the mural creation process. We have the in house capacity and ability to create glazes of gloss, matt and textured/marbled finish.

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